Are you going to be bidding and estimating janitorial company roseville ca and are wondering if your price will be competitive with other cleaning businesses? Then you need to know some steps that you can take to help you determine if your price is competitive or not. These steps will make coming up with your price much easier.

Here are the steps that need to be taken in order to determine if your price for janitorial services is competitive or not.

1. The first thing you need to do is to find out what the janitorial industry standards are in your local town. More than likely, these will be the numbers that your competition will use in their bid process as well. Finding out what the standard pricing is, is important because it will help you come up with a competitive price for janitorial services.

2. If you can afford it, get janitorial software that is available for bidding help. Most bidding software will do the bidding calculations for you all you have to do is plug in the building measurements. The software is a great for beginners and seasoned professionals.

3. It is very important that you take time to ask the customer important questions about the job. Most people don’t understand that when you ask the right questions during the initial phases of bidding, you will be showing that person that you can be trusted to do the job right and will take it very seriously. A lot of people will choose who they want to hire before they even receive a bid so be sure to make a good first impression by standing out as a janitorial industry expert.

Plus, asking the right questions will help you determine how much work needs to be done and what supplies will be required to do it. You will also be able to decide how much time will be required for the job. You can always sit down with the prospect to design a customized janitorial service plan by modifying the specifications to specifically meet their janitorial needs and their budget. For example, if the potential client doesn’t need vacuuming 5 days per week and you can modify the specifications to vacuum 3 times per week instead of 5. By doing this you would be able lower the price and still give the customer what they need. This will go a long way towards helping you figure out the best bidding price for your janitorial services.

4. Always be aware of your competition. By keeping tabs on your competition, you can see what they are doing and learn more about how they handle the bidding process. By studying your competition, you will be able to definitely come up with a good price. Call a competitor and request an estimate over the phone using the specification from the company you are trying to create a bid for. This way you can see what the competition is charging so you can determine how competitive you price really is.

These are the most important steps that need to be followed before you can be sure that you have a competitive price to bid for a cleaning contract. Bidding and estimating is not as hard as you may think it is. Once you learn the process and how to study the market and other things for bidding, it becomes much easier. Plus, you will become more confident that you are offering a competitive price for janitorial services.